Faith with Benefits: Hookup Heritage on Catholic Campuses

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Faith with Benefits: Hookup Heritage on Catholic Campuses

In this meeting, Laura Kelly Fanucci speaks with King about their brand brand new guide and exactly how today’s college students are navigating decisions concerning the culture that is“hookup of sexual intercourse with no expectation of dedication. The expression “hooking up” is deliberately ambiguous, as King covers below, which range from flirting or kissing to intercourse—leading that is sexual a wide array of perspectives and sub-cultures around sex and relationships on university campuses.

just just What first interested you within the subject of hookup tradition as a website of discussion between spirituality and sexuality?

I were thinking about the relationships we were in at the time and decided to do a presentation on Christianity and dating when I was still in graduate school, Donna Freitas and. This resulted in a paper in the theology of dating that led to a novel . We started teaching courses on relationship and wedding. Students were hoping to find practical advice, them talk about their struggles to find good relationships so I started listening to.

Donna proceeded to publish Intercourse while the Soul about hookup tradition, which aided me personally gain an improved feeling of that which was occurring on campuses. Religion possessed a role that is funny this literary works, nonetheless. From the one hand, very spiritual pupils tended never to connect up and finished up in the fringes of social life. Having said that, starting up had been similar on Catholic campuses since it ended up being every-where else. Therefore, the spiritual identification of a institution of advanced schooling did actually haven’t any impact. […]