Can Rick Simpson oil help treat cancer tumors?

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Can Rick Simpson oil help treat cancer tumors?

Rick Simpson oil is just a cannabis extract that takes its title through the medical cannabis activist whom created it. Simpson claims that applying the oil to cancer tumors spots on their epidermis cleared the spots within times.

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is unique for the reason that it has higher degrees of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than many tincture drops other medical cannabis extracts.

The medical community needs more direct evidence of its safety and effectiveness in humans before making any firm claims although there is some evidence to support the use of cannabis for aiding cancer treatment.

Experts continue to research possible uses for cannabis services and products in dealing with cancer tumors.

Share on Pinterest Researchers have now been learning CBD oil in cancer, but RSO has higher quantities of THC.

RSO is really a high strength cannabis extract with high levels of THC, and also other cannabinoids.

Numerous researchers and medical businesses are now actually concentrating on CBD oil, which contains mostly the nonpsychoactive element cannabidiol (CBD). Nevertheless, RSO contains greater quantities of THC, which will be the substance in charge of the high, euphoric feeling connected with cannabis.

Even though there could be a wide range of businesses RSO that is selling on market, Rick Simpson’s web site suggests that individuals ensure it is in the home.

In accordance with the site, individuals should utilize cannabis from Cannabis indica strains to really make the oil properly. Some individuals claim that these strains create an even more subdued, relaxed state, that your site indicates is paramount to assist recovery.

The claim that is main RSO is the fact that it could treat cancer tumors. But, numerous RSO supporters declare that it offers aided when you look at the remedy for other conditions, including:

But, there was small direct proof to help these claims.

Although people might use the oil by any means they choose, the primary claim is RSO can treat cancer tumors. […]